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Models of care

Our evidence-based models of care provide a plan for health care across Western Australia and are now entering the implementation phase. Implementation will occur in partnership with relevant Area Health Services and other organisations involved in health care in WA.


End-of-life and specialist palliative care

Models of Care

Projects and publications

  • End-of-life Framework
    Outlines a state-wide model for the provision of comprehensive, coordinated care at end-of-life in acute healthcare settings in Western Australia. Provides direction for best-practice care across a patient’s end-of-life trajectory, commencing when they are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness or their death is expected.
  • Advance Care Planning
    An ongoing discussion between a healthcare professional, the patient and their family/carers. It involves discussing the different choices available and the patient choosing the type of medical care that is best for them. An Advance Health Directive is a legal document in which adults can set out in writing their decisions about future treatment. They are used in all Australian states and territories but take on different forms and names.
  • Goals of Patient Care
    Prompts and facilitates shared decision-making with the clinician, patient, person responsible and family/carers. It establishes the most medically appropriate, agreed goal of patient care that will apply in the event of the patient’s clinical deterioration.
  • Care Plan for the Dying Person
    Supports best practice and quality improvement in care of the dying and replaces the WA Liverpool Care Pathway (WA lcp). The multi-professional Care Plan prompts completeness of care by individual health professionals and teams and can be individualised to meet the needs of each patient and their family/carer(s).
  • Rural Palliative Care Program
    Aims to increase access for people with life-limiting illness living in country WA to end-of-life care and specialist palliative care in their region and local community. Each regional team provides regional coordination, advice and mentoring to support and build capacity of treating healthcare teams to provide end-of-life care to their patients, family and carers in their place of choice. The Rural Palliative Care Model in Western Australia 2008 provided a framework for establishing regionally coordinated specialist palliative care services across the seven WA Country Health Service regions. Go to specialist palliative care services for details on the Regional Specialist Palliative Care Services available in WA.
  • Metropolitan Palliative Care Consultancy Service (MPaCCS)
    A mobile/ambulatory specialist palliative care consultancy team that provides specialist palliative care capacity building for healthcare professionals and facility staff caring for patients within residential aged, mental health and disability care facilities and prisons across Perth’s metropolitan area. Go to specialist palliative care services for further information.
  • Paediatrics Palliative Care Service - Non-oncology
    A state-wide service based within Perth’s paediatric public hospital to provide a consultative service for children with non-malignant conditions aged 0-16 years. Go to specialist palliative care services for further information.
  • ‘Talking about the end-of-life’ program
    A training and mentoring program for Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) staff.
  • End-of-life information and resources including:
    • Advance Health Directives/Advance Care Planning
    • Clinical management
    • The End-of-Life Framework
    • Guide to specialist palliative care services
    • Training
    • Burial and cremation
  • Consumer Carer Focus Group - Communication at end-of-life in hospital (PDF 1.44MB) | (MS Word 2.05MB)
  • Palliative Care in Western Australia Final Report Dec 2005 (PDF 834KB)

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Under development

We are currently working on models of care in these areas:

  • Neuro-oncology
  • Paediatric and adolescent cancer
  • Sarcoma and melanoma
  • Urology
    • Bladder
    • Prostate

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