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Infections and Immunology Health Network

Dr James Flexman, Lead

Our network supports Change Day 2014 and encourages you to make a pledge.. James Flexman, Clinical Lead of the Infections and Immunology Health Network, has pledged to support the Change Day initiative as well as asking each and every member of the Health Network to join him in making a pledge for change.  View his video pledge here.

Our network is concerned with the delivery of patient-centred, sustainable and effective clinical services across all facets of care involved in infections and immunology.

New members of our Executive Advisory Group

We would like to welcome the following new members to our Executive Advisory Group:

  • Dr Owen Robinson, Infectious Diseases Consultant
  • Mr Paul Hersey, CEO of Perth South Coastal Medicare Local
  • Mr Darren Armitage, Population Health and Community Development Manager, Kimberley- Pilbara Medicare Local

The Infections and Immunology Health Network collaborates with expert health professionals and partners with Medicare Locals to bring greater expertise and links with health planning and policy to improve outcomes for local communities.

Medicare Locals 'Needs Assessments'

Medicare Locals have conducted ‘Needs Assessments’ in their respective regions using existing health data and stakeholder feedback. Seven priorities have been identified, including Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and vaccinations.

Medicare Locals are now in their early planning processes and are looking for opportunities to be involved in catchment areas where there are high levels of need.

Pre-Employment Health Assessment forms working group

The Pre-Employment Health Assessment (PEHA) Form Working Group was convened late in 2013 to review the PEHA N10 Form. Representatives from Area Health Services (AHS), the Health Corporate Network (HCN), PathWest and the Department of Health (DOH) at Royal Street are now reviewing and aligning the PEHA Form to current Operational Directives (ODs) and pre-employment guidelines.

The PEHA Form collects pre-employment Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Infection Control (IC) data from prospective employees. Following a successful review process and extensive consultation, the PEHA Form will be recommended for use as a standardised state-wide pre-employment data collection tool across WA Health.

Anaphylaxis Model of Care

The Anaphylaxis Model of Care for WA (PDF 992KB) is available and draws upon local, State and international best-practice evidence in caring for people at risk of an anaphylaxis episode.

The model describes the preferred interventions for patients along each stage of the disease, from primary prevention through to ongoing care and anaphylaxis management

Further progress on the mid-term reviews of the HIV, STI and Hepatitis C Model of Care implementation plans and National Hepatitis B Strategy

The mid-term reviews for the Hepatitis C, HIV and STI Models of Care Implementation Plan have been completed and are available online. The National Hepatitis B Strategy has also been reviewed.

The reviews were a combination of stakeholder surveys and consultations assessed against a range of key performance indicators which identified several action areas around disease management, tertiary prevention, and clinical services management.

The second phase of the Implementation Plans will address the needs of target populations and consider the social and emotional implications associated with managing Hepatitis C.

Operational Directive for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) released

The Operational Directive for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has been reviewed and is now available here.

Get the Facts: website offers sexual health information for young people

The Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program, Department of Health WA has developed the Get the Facts website (external site) to address sexual health and relationship issues for young people.

The website provides a range of information to help young people understand and deal with issues including:

Parents, carers and health professionals may find this a useful tool to help have these discussions with young people, or to simply point them in the right direction for accurate and reliable information on these issues.

How to join our network

Anyone interested in improving the way health services are delivered in Western Australia can now join the Infections and Immunology Health Network. As a member you will receive all of our news and updates and be informed of opportunities to be involved.